Board of Directors

Honorary Chairperson – Dr. Richard Carmona

The So AZ Veterans & First Responders Living Memorial team meet with Dr. Richard Carmona, Honorary Chair, and Gen. Ron Shoopman (ret.) in front of a rendering of the proposed Memorial. This Living Memorial will be a place of solemn honor, education, and reflection dedicated to those who have served and continue to serve our nation and our communities.

Dick Eggerding, Chair
Honorary Chair: Dr. Richard Carmona
Project Manger: Mitch Lorenz, ML2 Management LLC
First Responders: Curt Stowell, Lt. Chris Olson, Dick Tracy
Veterans: Steve Didio, Ed Davis
Capital Campaign: Vicki Shoopman
Governments: Kay Williams, Alan Dankwerth
Media/PR: Dick Eggerding, Shawn Benjamin
Marketing/Other: Kay Williams, Vickie Shoopman
Artist: Matthew Moutafis