About the Living Memorial

Southern Arizona Veterans & First Responders Living Memorial Model


The Memorial will be a place of solemn honor, reflection and education dedicated to those who have made sacrifices in service to their communities and country. Presently, southern AZ does not have a central place to honor those veterans and first responders who answered their country’s and community’s call with service, bravery and honor.

Some fast facts about the Memorial:

  • It is entirely funded by donations from citizens and businesses in the region

  • The base is a star about 90 ft. wide from point to point

  • The monument tower is about 24 ft. high

  • There will be a quiet place for engraved pavers/bricks honoring friends and family

  • It will have a covered pavilion for ceremonies and educational events

  • It will be heavily shaded with native trees and shrubs

  • The site was donated by the Town of Oro Valley, in Naranja Park, overlooking the mountains

As you enter the Memorial, you can walk around the Pathway of Heroes. At locations along the path, there will be 10 ft. wide walls. On each wall, there will be the individual service medallions including the approved Dept. of Defense service medallions, e. g, Army, Air Force, etc.; the first responder’s medallion and the National Guard’s medallion. There will be seating at each location.

If you would like a presentation to your organization please click here  and include your contact information.

This Memorial is for all of Southern Arizona and will be the only Living Memorial in the region.

It will honor the fallen and all men and women who have served and continue to serve our country and communities.

The site is on 2.5 acres overlooking the Catalina
Mountains donated by the Town of Oro Valley.

The Memorial is 100% privately funded through the contributions of area businesses, citizens and organizations.

Each element of the Memorial design has special significance. The Memorial has been named “Stars at Home and Abroad”. The five pentagons represent the Armed Services branches of the Department of Defense forming a star. The star embodies the First Responders who serve in our communities.